Thursday, May 2, 2013

Applause for Toyota! The Avalon and the Future

Where is the future for Toyota vehicles? Toyota is always innovative in their designs and one step ahead with technology. Applause for Toyota!


Inside and out, the all-new 2013 Avalon is unlike any Toyota we’ve ever made. A completely redesigned exterior opens up to a remarkable new interior with technology that defines comfort and ease. This new look was designed and assembled right here in America. The 2013 Avalon is the inspiration for a bold new breed of Toyota vehicles.

Toyota Technology

We’re laying the road map for future mobility.

Toyota hybrid technology was a huge step in Toyota’s history, drastically improving mileage and reducing emissions for Toyota hybrid vehicles. Every day, we continue to advance this technology, bridging the gap between today’s energy sources and tomorrow’s. A great example is the Prius Plug-in, which can travel farther on electricity, consuming gasoline only when you need it.

Going forward, we’re laying the road map for future mobility. From natural gas to low-carbon biofuels, electricity and hydrogen, we’re constantly developing technology that will help lead the automotive industry to a cleaner future. That’s why Toyota is a founding partner in the Hydrogen Highway Initiative, an advanced infrastructure that prepares our roadways for the next generation of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, with less impact on the environment.

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